• Preparation of budgets:
    • Project budgets
    • Corporate budgets
    • Budgets of capital groups (consolidated budgets)
  • Preparation of financial forecasts / projections:
    • Forecasts for loans / business plans
    • Unitary and consolidated forecastsAnalizy projektów inwestycyjnych (w tym analiza wrażliwości projektu, ocena opłacalności projektu) oraz obszarów działalności już prowadzonej
  • Preparation of business plans:
    • Based on author's forecasts
    • Based on external forecasts
    • Including sensitivity analysis
  • Preparing other thematic analyzes
  • Transfer pricing documentation required by the CIT Act and the PIT Act in the case of transactions between related entities:
    • Standard until 2017.
    • Standard after 2017, especially local file
  • Business valuation:
    • Revenue methods
    • Mixed methods
    • Selected property methods
    • Comparative methods
  • Thematic analyzes
  • Other services in the scope of controlling and internal audit, eg cyclical monitoring of the cost structure, sales, etc.

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